Your Presence MATTERS


‘Cause You are the one who makes me believe ✌
You are the One who makes me Alive!!
Without You I’m not a soul, Just a body in Vain

So many things,
run through my head.
When it comes to you,
and the things that you’ve said.

So many wonderful,
memories rush through.
When it comes to the person you are,
and the great things you do.

I cant take your face, smile, or laugh,
out of my mind.
I just cant do it,
when I know that your mine.


I love to look at the pictures,
of your oh so handsome face.
I can just imagine,
Your warm, loving embrace.

I really dont know,
what I would do.
If you werent around,
and if I wasnt with you.

All rights reserved :With Love: Misba Sayyadanavar


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