3Up above all, where there is no distance between time and happiness,
A willingness to respire easily with no questioning,
Where the heat releases the dust,
Conspires the over-all pain,
The sky filled with half fulfilled wishes,
Fathers tend to take a deep breathe,
Fore-people burdening and praises waiting,
Girls are reared with an infinite measured love

The jingling of her anklets are Fathers’ smile,
Her bangles tangling are Mothers’ pride,
The clan may take her someday,
But she will remain her Dad’s angel,
The girl breathes her life into dreams,
Keeping family upright and setting her decisions clean,
The day of departure makes family cry,
But this will be forever and it will be so fine

Lovely as great Rose draped in Red,
And gold silenced the environment with its shining rays,
The bridal veil-one end of it tied to him,
Promises await as if they walk together,
The heavy hearted parents bid a farewell to her,
Not you let her any complications prevailing ,
This is the Daughter- A great treasure of mine,
Her blood became blue and she hugged her Father,
Free kisses ran when her Mother started crying,
And the dark tresses claimed that she is going,
Crossing her house She went to the new One,
Where many new promises and dreams awaited her…

Writer’s Note:

It is written, when children find true love, parents find true joy.
It’s hard to find anyone more emotional than the bride and groom on their wedding day, unless it’s their parents.




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