Conspiracy of Love

Drop by drop my pain will vanish,
Drop by drop my tears will dry,
Drop by drop my hurted heart will patch,
‘Cause drops are meant to be felt, not counted!!



My Lips led a farewell to my unsaid words,
Whatever I didn’t communicate with you moving forward,
Obviating I came till these days, and
The obverse sides of us, we had – still stays,
The feelings of “US” we shared,
The dwelling of the one’s we dared,
The falseness of your innocent smile,
Which at once lead me to trial,
Your silence of poison voices remain,
While I have nothing more to gain,
Cheating – painful act of yours,
Invite my sore wounds to cure,
You were a beautiful rainbow in my Life,


But taking your rise – in decisions so stiff,
The colors if rainbow fading away,
Promising me to step out and – never stay!!


Writer’s Note:
Who says? A Heart which has been broken can never attch,
Broken feelings and broken hearts do breathe and beat,
Difference is that broken hearts have the strongest aim to be happy; and
have the best care to give to other hearts!!



16 thoughts on “Conspiracy of Love

  1. Wawo wht a mature thinking in this tender creates physical and mental sensation in reader’s mind good work.all the best for more such articals in future.

    Liked by 1 person

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