Countless nights made me wake,

But now I find my way to my Dream land,

Waiting for me to complete My Dreams!!

Letting her War of despair, countless sleepless nights and forgiven mistakes,
She gained her strength by choking her throat,
Little by little, that small pack of her happiness, which was curved without any shapes, started taking angles…
She became more stronger, brightness lether face glow,
She was the one who did’nt surrender and fought back her war.

“A DIVORCEE” to be called, but she choose to be called a “LIBERATED WOMAN”
Insomnia killed her by its choking points,
But this night after liberation was more than liberation.


Yet, hurted from inside, she smiled outside,
A good piece of marriage she remembered, But now turned into a nightmare,
She was ready to step up and stand for her,
Prejudices – She stayed with them,
Her personal life was more personal,
Her voice became more sharper,
Frightened was she no more:

She was pretty, She was a Mystery now,
Though a little taken aback,
She earned for herself and ate her bread,
Elegance tooka leap in her heart,
Though she was young, She never let her broken memories haunt her back,
She moved on her track of “sunlit stars with brighter footsteps,”
She never did look back!!!!
A ZERO pack of memories remain!!

Writer’s Note:

A girl, when married ,is let out of her house by her parents with a dream of making her world
be a part of another world, She Summarizes it into a small and beautiful garden letting her wants to be real..
Hurting her will never make her feel she is average or below… But she will feel… That she deserved better than you!!!!



5 thoughts on “LIBERATED WOMAN

  1. There has never been another you. With no effort on your part you were born to be something very special and set apart. What you are going to do in appreciation of that gift is a decision only you can make.”love u

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