She wanted to live a Happy Life,

So, She married a clown..

And then, He made her Life.. A Joke!!


Apart, She wore a world of RICHNESS,
But couldn’t find the glare of smile,
Amidst she walked into 26th year of life,
Blowing the candle She made a wish,
“I want to marry a Clown!!”

She had everything she wished, but wanted to live happily ever,
She knew money couldn’t buy this and she swore,
Fell in Love, Grew in Love, She decided to marry her life – A Clown.


A deep desire in mind, that She would be smiling always,
But never she thought, it would be the greatest mistake ever of her Life;
He grew apart, her heart he broke, wiped away all her happiness.

Her glowing Face, turned dark and pale,
She turned out to be a joke herself,
The naughtiest girl had lost her charm,
Her curly hair had lost the curls;



Deciding truth would be so sour,
She closed her eyes again to make a Wish,
Turning 69 She blowed the candle,
“I want my 26th Wish back” she whispered
But lil did she know, it was never to explore,
The Joker had made her Life a Joke!!

We people live many dreams, Some are to be aimed and some are just to be dreamed!!

Not all are to be persuade…But some are just left to be Secured

Live your Life to the extent by deciding what is good and what is bad, Cause we are the builders of our own LIFE!!

LOVE – Misba Sayyad



18 thoughts on “UNWANTED FANTASY

  1. Well indeed you are right. It’s always good to dream. But to pursue it, is an achievement. But, dreaming should also be done wisely 😉 . Just kidding, Life’s like that, the way we think, the way we want to pursue our goal and the we know the name of the highway to Success, but still, it doesn’t mean that we should rather grab a route called, “shortcut”. I have always been saying, it is always better to dream, but it’s worst to be mad about it.
    Great post. Words touched where it had too. Beautiful one and Best of luck for the future posts. Waiting for them. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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