BECAUSE, You Were Not Here

Making my heart pound, I lost myself somehere, and I seized a sorrow ‘Cause You were not here ๐Ÿ’


The storm raged so thorough,
The wind,busy blowing the raindrops apart,
Downwards the roadway, the dust washing up by the gray,
The mocked up Road filled with the waiting cars,
Tattooing its message through the windshields…

I sit beside my window sill, seeing these scenes,
The maples moaning and gathering of wind,
The branches shiver and the leaves cuddle..
But, I was grieved and cold in pain,
Because You never cameโ—

Waiting for a couple of days,and now past hour an half,
I was thinking you’d come and touch my shoulder,
I felt your footsteps in my eyes glare,
BUT, You Were Not Here..



My breast cold against the glass,
Hoping forever will never last,
If you were more honest,
You’d step out barefoot,
In the storm of this sadnessโšซ

My hair catch the rage of wind,
My feelings so fierce, now gone..
If i were so honest,
I would pack my suitcase and depart..

Biting my lip, I swallow my feelings..
These feelings which underestimate me,
Now in a corner, I leave my past,
And torn-night disappears,
‘Cause You Were Not Here


32 thoughts on “BECAUSE, You Were Not Here

  1. A fantastic narration of writer’s temperament n longingness to express in such a beautiful manner…infact the thoughts r giving away the feelings of moving on…beautifully written…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dear Misba
    Your writing is direct reflection of you name ‘Misba’ the innocence you described through your feelings makes me dream how beautiful your thoughts and you are , keep it up my dear , God bless you !!!

    Liked by 1 person

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